Sheva Brachot - Blessings & Klezmer
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Sheva Brachot

Seven blessings & Klezmer music at Sheva Brachot..


Sheva Brachot means The Seven Blessings.

The seven blessings are the blessings that are done for the bride and groom in every jewish wedding ceremony under the chuppah.

After the wedding day, Sheva Brachot celebrations continues for six more days at different houses in which the bride and groom are being honored with prayers, Sheva Brachot blessings, food & Jewish klezmer music.

usually, a different klezmer band would perform each night and play klezmer & Jewish music.



The Klezmer Boys Orchestra, klezmer band, based in Los Angeles, California, play Jewish & klezmer music at weddings & Sheva Brachot celebrations. MUSIC DEMOS AT:

The Sabras - Famous Israeli klezmer band in L.A (

Klezmer Kings - Big band style klezmer band, play Jewish weddings & Jewish affairs.

Klezmer music bands San Diego, San Francisco, California, Las Vegas, NV, Seattle, WA, Arizona, Dallas, Houston, Texas, Miami, Boca, Florida.

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